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GalaxyStar Emeraado Ace

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How to Play
This game is a space shooting game.
Variegated subWeapon can be used.
There are a level selection and a stage selection.
A variegated enemy character and the boss character appear.
It is in this version from mission 1 to 6.

Upgrade schedule: The addition of the mission and my fighter are added.
How to Play
The movement of the fighter is a flick operation of the screen.
Damage enters when the enemy object hits a center part.
Arms are launched by the automatic operation.
It is possible to change to "SHOT/LASER/MISSILE" by doing the icon in the tap.
Game item
The power-up is red.
The life recovery is green.
The bomb is orange.
The bonus is yellow.

Power-up item can strengthen arms.
It is level 2 by 2 pieces.
It is level 3 by 4 pieces.
It is level 4 by 8 pieces.
It is level 5 by 12 pieces.



The use of the bomb is a bomb icon.
The number of bomb icons is the numbers that can be used.

The bomb use can lose a small enemy and the bullet.

When the LIFE meter becomes 0, my fighter is destroyed.
When all my fighters are destroyed, it is game over.

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